This clip was created by By Harry Mateman on his trip to Hue

Gate in Dai Noi

Hue is an old capital of Vietnam. The Imperial City (inside the Citadel) has fine old buildings, most of them are being restored now. So to see the whole splendour you will have to wait a couple of years. But nevertheless it is worth wile to visit the Citadel now.

Music by Thomas Eichenbrenner (samtenes flüstern).

Some photos:

One of 10 gates of the Citadel

Flag tower opposite of Ngo Mon was built by Emperor Gia Long

Ngo Mon – the main gate of Imperial City

The bridge that connects Ngo Mon to Thai Hoa Palace. Thai Hoa Palace and Ngo Mon were the venues for official ceremonies.

These photos show the area behind Tai Ho Palace, which once the Forbidden Purple City.
Some of the corridors in the forbidden city have been rebuilt according to the original design of the palace (upper row). Private residence of the emperor’s mother and grandmother are shown in lower row.

Beyond this gate lies Hung Mieu, The Mieu, and Hien Lam Pavilion. We had too little time and energy left to proceed beyond the gate. We stopped briefly at the Royal Theater, Trieu Mieu, and Thai Mieu on our way out through Hien Nhon Gate.

Royal Treasury is located opposite of Trieu Mieu and Thai Mieu. Both Trieu Mieu and Thai Mieu were under heavy restoration during our visit.
We officially left the citadel through Hien Nhon Gate at around 4 pm.


The moat and wall of citadel outside of Hien Nhon Gate.