Located at 101 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street of Hoi An ancient town, Tan Ky old house is a perfect example of an 18th merchant’s residence in this once-important commercial port town.

The name Tan Ky, meaning ” Progress Shop”, was given to the house by the second generation to express the owner’s wish for a prospesrous business.

In spite of a decline in business of the town and the huge devastation of annual floods, seven generations of the family have kept the house in good condition. Though it is not the oldest, Tan Ky is the most well-preserved house in Hoi An.

The age of the old house is about a few centuries. The old house reflects the combination of both Japanese and Chinese architectural geniuses. While visiting the small town Hoi An, you must visit this Old House of Tan Ky to see its great historical and cultural significance.

There are four rooms in the Old House of Tan Ky. All these rooms are small in size, but packed with beautiful antiques, mainly made of wood. The four rooms are for four different purposes. One is for welcoming Chinese merchants and the other includes the living room, courtyard and the bedroom. You can enter the other three rooms except the bedroom. It will be better if you take a guide with you who can explain all the details of the old house.

The Old House of Tan Ky has a unique combination of three types of architecture. The beams of the roof are curved and display Chinese information in an elaborate way. On the other hand, the peak of the roof bears Japanese characteristics and the Vietnamese crosshatch stands as a support to the roof of the old house. The walls of the house are also decorated with unique mosaic arts.