Central Vietnam is a fascinating area with national monuments and heritage recognized by UNESCO. Coming to the Central, you will enjoy warm sunshine and beautiful beaches.

Good food, friendly people and their hospitality is contribute to attract more tourists. We would like to introduce to you 6 points to highlight the following:

1. Buon Ma Thuot – The Coffee Capital Of Vietnam

(489 km from HCMC- best travel by air: 1.5hours)

If you are interested in mountainous beauty of highland area, Buon Me Thuot, the coffee capital of Vietnam is definitely the place you must visit.

For ones loving outdoor activities, you can enjoy trekking on mountains, kayaking crossing waterfalls and especially, riding elephants through lakes to visit villages of local people. You can see vast green coffee plantations and find how the M’nong ethnic people raise and tame giant elephants for daily use.

Wooden houses-on-silt, which was designed to keep wild animals away from attacking people, is a point you shouldn’t miss to explore particular architecture and living style of ethnic minority people. Last but not least, it would be incomplete if you don’t enjoy a cup of coffee here. The flavor would impress you to the fullest with its typical great taste that cannot find anywhere else.

2. Phan Thiet – The Peaceful Beach City

(197 km from HCMC)

Located along banks of Phan Thiet River and the Muong Man River, Phan Thiet the peaceful beach city is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Central Vietnam.

Being still unspoilt by human hands, Phan Thiet possesses long ribbons of glamorous sand dunes, crystal-like water, green coco palms, and endless pristine beaches for visitors to explore.

With a wellbuilt service system for tourism, there is a wide range of modern resorts and restaurants with kinds of luxury accommodation and delicious seafood. Visiting Phan Thiet, you can enjoy leisure time in the slow-paced city where all stress and worries are left behind.

3. Nha Trang – One Of The Most Beautiful Bays In The World

(447 km from HCMC)

No wonder why Nha Trang is recognized as one of the most beautiful bays in the world when it has all stunning features that you can hardly find anywhere else. Bordered by mountains with long beach stretching along, the city brings to visitors a special vision of sea view at any point of the city.

Nha Trang offers plenty to keep tourists attracted. You can visit islands tour by boat trips, enjoy scuba diving, mud baths and discover markets, historic sites to understand more about the local life here.

But the main attraction suggested for most visitors is to relax on deck chairs at a beach while drinking cocktails, or simply to take a cyclo ride along to breathe the fresh air. Furthermore, tasting excellent seafood in this seafood haven is also a best choice you should not forget.

4. Dalat – The City Of Thousands Flowers

(310 km from HCMC)

If beaches are not your cup of tea, then Dalat is the place you may enjoy. The highland city in Central Vietnam with mountains, waterfalls and lakes has many romantic names such as: the city of thousands flowers, the paradise of Love, the Miniature Paris… This is a perfect place for lovers and also for your relaxation trip to nature.

Located 1,475m above the sea level, Dalat has a comfortable climate that you can experience 4 seasons in one day. Citizens here can raise veggies, fruits to supply the entire market of the South of Vietnam.

Lakes, waterfalls, ever-green forests and flower gardens, together with cool environment all year round make Dalat one of the most romantic cities in Vietnam. You can also meet those pinky-cheeked girls wearing skillfully knit products everywhere, smiling gracefully with hospitality to travelers. Definitely, this is the place for anyone who has senses of art and beauty.

5. Hoi An – The Peaceful Town Of Ancient Spirit

(931 km from HCMC)

Recognized as the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, Hoi An (used to be called as Faifo) was one of the South East Asia’s main international ports from 17th to 19th century. Recently, it was voted the leading beautiful and peaceful town among over 970 nominated cities all over the world by the Wanderlust Magazine UK.

The city has a picturesque riverside town which still retains a full sense of ancient spirit that you can experience at each step of discovering.

Every month on the full moon day, motorbikes are not allowed in the Old Town. The whole place is transformed into a magical land of colorful silky lanterns, traditional food and songs that you can enjoy everywhere on the streets.

6. Hue – The Old Kingdom City of Vietnam

(135 km from Hoi An)

Located by the romantic Huong River, Hue – a quiet and ancient city was designated as UNESCO World heritage in 1993 – can bring you peaceful atmosphere of traditional cultures, religion and customs of Vietnam. Staying here, visitors can explore the soul of the Vietnamese people while still having easy access to some stunning beaches.


Today, Hue’s main tourist attractions are royal tombs of the Nguyen Emperors, some notable pagodas, and the remain of Citadel, which was partly destroyed during war.

Living in this slow-paced atmosphere, Hue citizens are no doubt renowned for their gentle beauty, charm and courtesy that you can hardly find anywhere else in Vietnam. Last but not least, Hue’s cuisine is also a remarkable point you can hardly forget once enjoyed.

7. Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park – the Paradise of caves

(230km from Hue)

If you have a chance to visit Vietnam and you want to experience its natural beauty, come to Phong Nha. The Phong Nha area is set on a number of rivers and streams that carve through limestone karst mountains. The Phong Nha National Park is littered with caves carved from the limestone. It also contains the largest cave in the world. Beautiful farmland provides the buffer zone around the Park. Rice paddies and corn are the staple crop

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