With more than 21 islands, Nam Du archipelago in Kien Giang province is fascinating, with beautiful beaches and a magical water world.

Nam Du is the most remote island area of Kien Hai District (Kien Giang), consisting of 21 wild islands.
The best time to explore Nam Du is from late December to May. From HCM City, tourists can catch a high-quality coach to Rach Gia bus station, and from there go to the island by boat (about 2 hours).
A weekend trip is enough to explore Nam Du.
Moving between islands is by boat. To save money, travelers should go in groups of eight to 12 people. To explore the unspoiled islands, using sleeping tents is the best choice.
The must-see islands are Hon Ngang, Hon Mau, Hai Bo Dap, and Bai Cay Men. Tourists can hire boats of locals such as Mr. Phong Vu Nam Du and Bay Nam Du.
Hon Mau has five beautiful beaches, and the best is Chuong beach. Other beaches are Nom, Da Den, Da Trang and Nam.
Da Den beach has many beautiful, colorful, patterned stones.
Tourists are advised to wear sandals on beaches to avoid sharp rocks.
Hai Bo Dap with beautiful coconut trees, suitable for camping.
Hon Dau is also a must-see visit, with the “Hawaiian coconut tree”.
After a long journey to discover small islands, Men beach is the perfect destination to relax and indulge in the cool water, and enjoy the feeling of peace.
Useful information:
– Transport: From HCM City, tourists can catch high-quality coaches such as Phuong Trang or Mai Linh to Rach Gia, and from there take a boat to the islands. Ngoc Thanh and Song Hong boats depart the mainland at 8.15am and leave Nam Du Wharf at 9.15pm;Ho Hai boats leave Rach Gia Wharf at 9am and leave Nam Du wharf at 2pm.
– Tourists should hire local people as guides.
– Inns: Kim Yen, Thuy Kiep, Sau Co. Prices: VND100,000-VND120,000/double room.
– Food: Nam Luong Restaurant near the pier, snacks in mini shops in the village.
– Other services: night squid fishing, camping on a desert island, water party, spreading fishing-net …
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