Around 25 kilometers from the mainland, Ly Son Island District in Quang Ngai Province is endowed with many splendid landscapes. It comprises three islands: Dao Lon (Big Island), Dao Be (small island) and Hon Mu Cu.

In order to go to Ly Son, tourists can catch a passenger coach from Da Nang airport to Quang Ngai and then go to Sa Ky port before spending two more hours going to Ly Son by express boat.

When we set foot on the island, we decided to explore Dao Be first. The first image we saw is black magma layers. Ly Son has a special geological structure because formerly, it was old volcanoes stopping operating. These magma layers was formed after lava cooled on the surface. Just in Ly Son, people can see the marvellous scenery of the nature.

Just in Ly Son, tourists have enchanting experiences like this

Sea also becomes a wonderful model for photographers

Despite the small area, Dao Be has a very beautiful beach with smooth white sand. The beach is surrounded by high cliffs and the white foam rushing all day.

In Ly Son, thousands of local people earned much money from fishing anchovies and growing garlic. Ly Son garlic is famous for its taste and pungent aroma. all over the country. Therefore, Ly Son is knowed as the kingdom of garlic.

Dao Be – An Binh has the area of more than 70 hectares and more than 100 families living without electricity and source of fresh water. Local people here basically depend on rain-water that is also quite scarce. However, thanks to a plant converting seawater into fresh water on the island,  from August 2012, local people in Dao Be has not had to worry about this problem.

Dao Lon – Ly Son is formed of five big mountains that are five former craters. Therefore, their geological structure is very special with magma veins in the mountain cliffs.

Sunrise in Dao Be

Going straight through the path with cliffs and curving slopes, we went to Thoi Loi – the highest mountain top in five craters in Ly Son. Coming here, tourists will have a chance to contemplate a volcanic crater lake and see the entire Ly Son with pleasure.

In addition, Ly Son is endowed with many unique natural landscapes. One of them is the imposing cliff next to Hang pagoda. Many tourists had to utter: “it is like Grand Canyon!”. Also on Thoi Loi Mountain, Hang Pagoda is built on the largest cave in Ly Son. The cave is about 30 meters wide and 25 meters deep, formed by rock walls. Built in the 16th century the pagoda is hidden by an ancient giant tree and is endowed with many beautiful stalactites.

Not only including various valuable historical and cultural relics, the Ly Son Island also embraces legends associated with many folk and traditional festivals such as Tet (Vietnam’s new year), boat race, hat boi (traditional Vietnamese opera), fish worshipping, and especially ceremonies to pay homage to solders who died in battles in Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) islands.