Tra Vinh province attracts people far and near thanks to its peaceful and beautiful sceneries, Khmer-style architecture, typical cuisine, famous landscapes and festivals such as Ok Om Bok.

Tra Vinh is 150km south of Ho Chi Minh City and 80km to the east of Can Tho city. To reach Tra Vinh, tourists follow Highway 1A to Long An, My Tho, Ben Tre and Mo Cay town.

From Mo Cay town, tourists take a ferry crossing the Co Chien River to Tra Vinh. This ferry is about to complete its missions because the Co Chien cable-stayed bridge is going to be operational.

Tra Vinh is famous for Khmer pagodas. One of the most beautiful pagodas in the western region and the most prominent pagoda in Tra Vinh is Vam Ray Pagoda in Tra Cu district. It was rebuilt from the war-torn pagoda.

Kosla Pagoda is also a beautiful one of Tra Cu district, wheretourists can enjoy peaceful scenery.

Small Xoai Xiem Pagoda is located in Tra Cu town

On the way from Tra Vinh city to Chau Thanh town, tourists can stop by Hang Pagoda, also known as Kompong chary Pagodalying in the centre of a forest full of big trees and different species of birds.

Along Highway 53 from Tra Vinh to Tieu Can town, tourists can visit the most famous complex of Tra Vinh province including Ang Pagoda, Ba Om pond and Khmer cultural research centre.

Fancy scenery and different shapes of tree root around Ba Om pond surprise any tourists

Ben Co rice spaghetti – a specialty of Tra Vinh. This dish is sold at the foot of Ben Co bridge

A part from Ben Co rice spaghetti, Tra Vinh market also serves other delicious noddles that tourists should taste.

Tra Vinh noodles with broth can be enjoyed along Dong Khoi street, which is famous for this specialty.

Tra Cuon cylindric glutinous rice cakes in Cau Ngang district, from Highway 53 to Duyen Hai district are among specialties chosen by tourists as gifts for friends and relatives back home.