Two weeks before the lunar New Year the weather is very warm, causing peach flowers to blossom early. Gardeners in Nhat Tan village, Hanoi’s most famous peach flower village, have suffered losses and are worried they will not have peach flowers to sell during Tet holiday since the trees have bloomed very early.

Ms. Hoang Thi Bay, who has more than 800 peach trees, said the peach garden is her family’s main source of income, but most of the flowers have bloomed early this year and she has had to sell the trees at very low prices.
Another peach grower, Ms. Ly, said she has had to sell peach branches to traders to transport to Saigon for only VND100,000 to VND200,000 per branch.
Mr. Trinh Xuan Cuong annually goes to Nhat Tan village to buy beautiful peach trees and take them to the Nhat Tan flower market to sell.
A peach flower seller at Nhat Tan flower market.
In the past three years, student Dam Thi Quyen from the Hanoi Tourism College has become a peach seller every Tet holiday. She also buys peach branches from Nhat Tan village and takes them to markets to sell in order to earn money.