If you have a chance to go nearby the river Nam Nhe in northwest of Vietnam, we can realize the Thai village through distinguished characteristics such as water wheels, water bowl, endless bat dances, peaceful clean streams, where Thai girls released into natural waters cool.

It’s hard to imagine when on the water slot, the source of Muong Pon, Muong Lay, Muong Te district, Lai Chau town loses shadow of Thai girls go “tắc nặm” (carrying water), “pây áp nậm” (stream bathing)? If so, the northwestern mountains has no longer the Ban flowers. The Thais take very seriously the water around them and regards it as a sacred products and the gift was given by the divine. Highlights of Thai life are associated with the water from the rice pounding, eating, and bathing.

Thai girls are very discreet but hard working, if you’re going to Lai Chau, you may see Thai girls driving a tractor in the Muong Thanh fields, guidance to visit Do Cat tunnels or  foreign currency exchange for tourists in Dien Bien Phu.

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Thai girl

A very impressive picture sometimes encountered is the Thai girls dressed and go to work bare breasts while suspended waistband skirt home. Although exposure to fish or take the shovel flap bunds to look at them still spotless, charming by cool spring has brought pleasure and the beauty of them after hard working day

Beginning of each trail are along Muong chamber pipe water from streams and springs are each station bathrooms for women – not shielded, but perhaps the rules: no man would dare to step into own world for women. Previously when bathing, Thai girls usually take the tube buong water to rinse the herbs – has now been replaced by soap.