Located 200 km to the west Hanoi, Moc Chau is an ideal destination for short trips. The plateau is now covered with pure white apricot and plum flowers.

Moc Chau Plateau is in Moc Chau District, Son La Province. Located 1,050m above sea level, Moc Chau is a steppe with green tea hills, the widest and the most beautiful grass fields in the North’s mountainous areas.

Moc Chau has a temperate climate. It is cool in summer with average temperature of 20oC, a bit cold in autumn, freezing in winter and warm in spring. Coming here in winter or spring, the most beautiful season in Moc Chau, tourists will have chances to contemplate the breathtaking scenery of blooming flowers. Areas around Sao Xanh hotel (Moc Chau Town), the pine forest in Ang Village (Dong Sang Commune), Dai Yem Waterfall (Muong Sang Commune), and Pa Phach Village (Dong Sang Commune) are some of the most beautiful spots.

In winter, the area is full of fog covering the colorful orange wild sunflowers combined with the red poinsettia flowers blooming along roadsides. When spring comes, Moc Chau is bright with colorful blooming white pumpkin and apricot flowers. Warm sunlight spreads across the steppe, and then sometimes gives way for light cold drizzle.

Far away, fields of white mustard flowers spread as far as the eye can see, crawling over sloping hillsides. Arriving in Moc Chau, tourists can visit landscapes and learn more about traditional cultures of Thai, Mong people and others living in this area.

Some pictures of plum and apricot flowers in Moc Chau:

Moc Chau plum flowers

Moc Chau plum flowers 1

Moc Chau plum flowers 2

Moc chau plum flowers 3

Moc Chau plum flowers 4

Moc Chau plum flowers 5

Moc Chau plum flowers 6

Moc Chau plum flowers 7