Lam Dong Province’s terrain is uneven with 3 plateaus: Lang Biang – Dalat, Dran – Lien Khuong, Blao – Di Linh and 1 lower plateau DaHuai – Cat Tien.

In 19th century, Lang Biang was a rugged and sparsely populated land. Locals just concentrated in a few villages. 100 years later, the appearance of Lang Bian plateau has changed. It takes 15 minutes from Dalat city center to Lang Biang Mountain by car or motorbike. Tourists can be able to visit villages of the ethnic Southern Highlands: Lat Village, the C’Ho’s Villages,…

Lang Biang, the roof of Da Lat

Lang Biang Plateau is located 12km away from Dalat city center. It is not only a suitable destination for ethnographers but also tourists love to come here for study traditional culture of ethnic Southern Highlands.

Lang Biang Mountain is also called Mother Mountain because it has 2 tops, looks like women’s breasts. It is told that one upon a time, there was a couple: K’lang and Ho’Bian. Although they were so in love, they couldn’t come together. Because of the pain, Ho’Bian had died then she became Mother Mountain. From her breasts, milk were overflowing into fresh streams, falls for life. Specifically, on top of the mountain there are statues of 2 lovers K’lang and Ho’Biang in flower gardens.

K’lang and Ho’Biang

Right next to Lang Biang Mountain, there is a 100-year Valley in which 100-year Dalat Festival was held successfully. It is designed as eco-tourism destination.

valley at Langbiang

Lang Biang resort has been operated by Lam Dong tourism since November, 1999. In addition to the senior leisure facilities, there are campsites and needed services for visitors. Especially, there is a new service is to take tourists to the top of mountain by Jeep.

khu du lich langbiang

Tourists come to Lang Biang for sightseeing, some tourists love camping overnight, and gathering around the fire with jars of wine, listening to the songs along with the sound of traditional Lach’s instruments. They eat and drink, sing, dance all night with local people. During the day, tourists like watching brocade; they also buy specialties like the colorful brocade baskets.

cong chien tay nguyen
Some group of young people love the new game, they choose to climb and conquere Lang Biang’s top. Their Lang Biang trip is a test to overcome themselves. There are 3 ways to reach the top where Dalat tourism logos are located: by bicycle, hiking or climbing with rope. There is also a path through the forest about 2km to the top for walking as well. In recent years, on top of Lang Bian has a kind of paragliding, or from the tops tourists can go down by rope. The most interesting feeling is on the Radar top above 2000m, daydreaming under clouds. The landscapes are amazing, Dalat city appears like a painting; in the west there is Dankia Lake – a giant silk standing out among the green hills; incredible sightseeing of Gold Waterfall and Silver Waterfall.
chinh phuc Langbiang