Ca Hue (Traditional Hue Singing) was originated since 18th century in the old imperial Hue City . Formerly, Ca Hue was performed for royal families, mandarins and other elite sections of the society. It was performed in the royal palace or royal theater or other indoor places.

Nowadays, visitors who come to visit Hue can enjoy Ca Hue on the dragon boats that King’s and Lords used to be seated in the old time and float down the Perfume River as the sun sets. This gives tourists a unique sight of history, culture of imperial Hue City.Ca Hue is combination of traditional music and royal music. This elegant and attractive kind of music is really worth listening. When Hue City come to evening and Truong Tien Bridge glitters, the dragon boats float slowly on the Huong River. When the boat floats in the middle of river, the engines are turned off and the boat floats on the magnificent water. Five singers and three musicians is very young and beautiful appearing in traditional costumes and bow to the audience, the Hue singing night is started. Firstly, Nha Nhac Royal song reminds tourists of solemn atmosphere of the golden past.

Ca Hue is divided into two styles: Bac style and Nam style. Bac style is solemn, funny with bustling sound such as Co Ban, Long Ngam, Phu Luc, Hanh Van, Long Diep… Nam style is lyric, deep-lying,  grawing and woeful such as Nam Ai, Nam Binh, Tuong Tu Khuc, Vong Phu.. Today, a show of Ca Hue has about 10 songs: To Khuc Ca Hue, Tuong Tu Khuc, Phu Luc, Luu Thuy Kim Tien, Ly Muoi Thuong, Ly Ngua O, Chau Van, Hue Thuong, Ai ra xu Hue etc. Relating to Hue singing is band with Vietnam’s traditional instruments such as dan tranh or 16 –chord zither, dan nguyet or 2-chord guitar and ti ba with monochord and flute. For long time, Ca Hue on the Huong River becomes a mental dish of Hue people. If coming to Hue, you do not enjoy Hue singing, it is considered that you never come to Hue. Please you spend time on the dragon boat and enjoy the sweet sound of Hue songs. It comes to heart of people who hear and it was impressed deeply.

Hue Music Video (Ca Hue video):