Vietnam has more than 2000 km of coastline and an impressive number of islands, islets and islands, often wild, preserved, sometimes designed for relaxation and discovery.

First part of an overview of some sites to consider if you are traveling in Vietnam, or if you need to stay in the sun (and haze) in Vietnam.

Con Dao was also voted one of the world’s Top 10 most attractive islands in Lonely Planet Magazine. With a prison system originally built by French colonists, the island was once known as “Hell on Earth”. Today it’s better known as “Heaven on Earth” with stretching white sand beaches, colorful coral reefs, scenic forests and beautiful blue skies.

The archipelago

Located 230 km south of Saigon in the South China Sea , the archipelago of 16 islands, Con Đao has a total area of ​​75 m2. But all these islands do not have the same interest for the visitor.

Con Son

Con Son is the main island of the archipelago, where the Exile of Pulo Condor (or Phu Hai), one of the worst prisons built by the French in the 19th century. To visit the prison and now is a testimony of the past colonial Vietnam. Commemorations are held regularly on the archipelago.

Related to this prison, Hang Duong cemetery where lie the heroes of the Vietnamese resistance (Le Hong Phong Vo An Ninh, Vo Thi Sau …) can be visited and is also very popular.

Many buildings and monuments add to the cultural attraction of the island and worth a visit.


But the attraction of the archipelago is not only historical monuments and museums. Once visited the National Museum of essential Con Đao and Lady Phi Yen Temple, you can indulge in the joys of water sports and natural.

Many beaches can bathe in a natural environment, enjoy the sandy landscape and magnified by the sun on the calm waters of the archipelago. Bay Dam Trau, beaches Nhat Nho and Lo Voi are advised to take advantage of this environment. Diving, fishing, trips, canoeing, are also honored among the activities related to the sea

Con Dao National Park

It is also a tourist nuggets of the archipelago, and one of the most scenic in the region. About 40 000 ha of land and sea, the park has a rich ecosystem of hundreds of plant and animal species.

The archipelago of Con Đao is a tourist site which has been very successful in Vietnam. Vietnamese and foreign tourists flock to its ecosystem and its historic appeal. The challenge once again for the country is able to develop tourism on the islands of the archipelago, while maintaining its natural environment.