Pirate Island in Kien Giang is considered a destination from the strange name. In fact this is the name of an archipelago of 16 islands is the largest island of Hon Tre ( Hon Doc), located in Tien Hai District in Ha Tien. Here the coast near 28 km Ha Tien beach and Phu Quoc Island about 40 km.

Just from the name, visitors were able to imagine a time on the island. Because of its location in the Bay Area in Ha Tien – Rach Gia to the Gulf of Thailand, an important trade route from China to the West, so many centuries ago, this island is an ideal place for pirates hiding, ambush and attack merchant ships crossing. Until the early 20th century, this sea piracy remains rampant.

Not only is the obsession of many ships, pirate island is also a hiding place for treasure. Some believe it is just a rumor, it is also considered the truth. But if back in time to the 80s of the last century, foreigners had compromised with the intention island treasure hunt. Testimony of a 300 -year-old map leading to the treasure hidden on the island, and a large amount of coins found here that the Pirate Island.Becomes more special.

Today, Visit Pirate Island to explore the wild beauty rare. From Ha Tien to the island with the only possible way is to sit ships. You should rent car in town and take the train. After half an hour, you will place the island.

Around this island has concrete roads, you can drive around without getting lost, because the island has only one road, one side is the majestic mountains,one side is blue sea with whispering waves. As the island is covered with an immense blue.The island with coconut trees, planted along the coastal path, making more poetic scenery, charming.

Around the island with a deep blue. Year-round sunshine, but the water here is always cool. If you have the opportunity to watch the sun rise and sun set slowly into the sea, you ‘ll see your heart is peace.

Enjoy the seafood on the island is also an interesting thing. The type of shrimp, crab… Here are fishermen fishing on the island so the price is very “soft “. You simply go to a port in early morning, buy seafood, purchase and ask people here prepared. The enthusiasm and hospitality of the people here make you great.

Like many other pristine islands, fresh water and electricity on Pirate Island still lacking. The foods and utensils of the people on the island were also transported from the mainland. Therefore, be prepared for the difficulties when explore the island.

Ha Tien Overview

Ha Tien is a town (thị xã) in Kien Giang Province, Tay Nam Bo of Vietnam. Area: 8,851.5 ha, population (2002): 39,957. The town borders Cambodia to the west.

Hà Tiên was established by a small group of Chinese people mostly men who supported the Ming Dynasty and were opposed to the Qing Dynasty, led by Mo Jiu (Mạc Cửu). When they arrived in Đàng Trong (as southern Vietnam was called while under the rule of the Nguyễn Lords), the Nguyễn Lords ordered the king of the Khmer (then a vassal state of Đàng Trong) to grant land to these Chinese people. These people built markets in this place and turned it into a busy business town. Vietnamese people gradually arrived here. This town later was merged into Vietnamese territory when Mo Jiu delivered its sovereignty to the Nguyễn Lords. Mo Jiu was then conferred the position of ruler of this town.


Buses connect Hà Tiên to the provincial capital Rach Gia and Chau Doc

A border crossing between Hà Tiên and Kampot in Cambodia was opened in 2007. The border is 7 km west of Hà Tiên.

Twice daily fast ferry hydrofoils are available to Phú Quốc Island.