Can Cau Market opens every Saturday and on holidays, revealing the simple but colorful life of ethnic people in the northern highlands.

The market is a place where the Mong and Giay ethnic people trade their products and plants and animals they raise at home or find in the wild. Many dress up and come to meet friends.

The market is located 100 kilometers to the northeast of Lao Cai, the capital of the namesake province, lying along terraced fields on a red mud path named 153, the only road connecting Bac Ha and Si Ma Cai towns.

Young women chat in the market.
Colorful cloth woven by local women
Skirts and other garments
Scarves with beautiful patterns
Animals made from cloth
These women hope to sell bamboo roots they picked up in the forest.
Little kids join their grandmothers to sell some vegetables they grew at home.
Steamy noodle soup served at the market
A young woman carefully dressed for the market