Buon Ma Thuot is the city of Dak Lak province which is in Central Highland in 400 – 800m high above sea level. There are beautiful and famous waterfalls such as: Thuy Tien, Trinh Nu, Krong Kmar, among many big lakes such as Lak, Dak Mil…Coming there, tourists are able to get in the primitive forests of the Chu Yang Sin, Yok Don National parks, visit Buon Don.

Geography & Climate

Daklak is one of the five provinces in the Central Highlands, located at an average altitude of 500m. Dakalak covers an area of 13.093 square km, bordered with provinces: Gia Lai in the north, Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa in the east, Lam Dong in the south, Binh Phuoc and Cambodia in the west with 250km border with Cambodia.

Climate: average 230C – 330C with two distinct seasons: rainy season from May to November and dry season from December to April next year. Rainfall: 2,000mm/year.


In Daklak, there are 2 nationala parks including Chu Giang Sin and Yokdon. Yok Don National Park, is about 40 km from Buon Ma Thuot city to the west, with an area of 115.545ha, where conservation of natural resources of precious forest ecosystem. Especially, deciduous forest, with many species of rare animals and there are many natural lakes, rivers, waterfalls. This park has a diversity flora, many species of birds, rare animals, many varieties of unique orchids, many species of herbs.

Nam Ka natural conservation forest, a sample of mountainous humid tropical forests, is very special about the richness of habitats and diversity of terrain, populations of plants and animals. The abrupt change and alternating between sceneries: high mountain and dense forests, low hills and glade, valleys and fields, marshes and lakes … it makes the sense of nature is very interesting.

In addition, a famous cluster of the landscape including Dray Sap, Dray Nur and Gia Long waterfall, is about 30km from Buon Ma Thuot city the South-West. all of these waterfalls are located on the Srepok river, the mixing of Krong Kno river (Husband river) and Krong Ana river (Wife river). With a high cliff, water fall down and makes so loud rushing, powerful sound impressing the visitors.

Ethnic minorities

Dak Lak province has a population of 1,7 million including 44 ethnic minority groups (the Viet-70%, the Ede-15%, the M’nong-5% and the others-10%)., each group has its own traditional culture. Especially, the traditional culture of Ede, M’Nong, Gia Rai ethnic group, etc … with the Gongs festivals, buffalo-eating, elephant racing in the spring; architecture of house-on-stilts and other musical instruments known as the gongs, rocks, T’rung and many ancient songs… are valuable cultural tangible and intangible products. In which, the cultural space of The Central Highlands Gongs was certificated as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. In Daklak, all unique cultural traditions of ethnic groups make the general culture diversified and rich.

Travel activities

Come to Buon Ma Thuot – Daklak, visitors can have a good opportunity of riding an elephant around tribal villages, rowing a pirogue on Lak Lake or tasting some “ Can Wine” and then joining the dancers in “gong-dance” shows in the evening. You can make trekking trips in untouched forests of Nam Ka or Yokdon national park and stay with an ethnic family in a remote village. Visiting the famous place where wild elephants are caught and tamed that is Ban Don, and legendary stories about the King of elephant catchers are told by the old villagers who were members of the catching team as well. Come to Buon Ma Thuot – Daklak, you will enjoy and discover the mysterious features of nature and people of the region.


Almost hotels are standard and some of them are superior such as Dakruco hotel, Damsan hotel and Bach Ma hotel. You can spend the night in a long house on stilts in ethnic village or in some tourist sites. There is one resort named Lak lake resort, located by lak lake that is about 60km from Buon Ma Thuot.

Buon Me Thuot information, Daklak province in Central highland

Getting there & Away

Land Routes: from Buon Ma Thuot to Nha Trang via National Route 26: 188km; to Dalat via National Route 27: 200km; to Pleiku via National Route 14C: 188km; and to Ho Chi Minh City via 14A: 350km.

Airlines: you can come to Buon Ma Thuot from: Ho Chi Minh City (45 minutes), Ha Noi (90 minutes), Danang (45 minutes).