Vietnam is a developing country in the tourism industry, where people from around the world pay a visit more and more often. In fact, it is a land with many beautiful landscapes, together with cheap price and fairy good services, there is no reason not to go to Vietnam. But first, there are 9 unique facts about this country you may not recognize:


The language

The national language of Vietnam is Vietnamese, which is very complicated. It contains different six tones, each of which makes the words sound and mean completely different. Moreover, there are tons of words that cannot go with this tone or that tone. Because of this rule, many, many foreigners who try to learn Vietnamese are having headaches. And unfortunately, Vietnamese doesn’t have any relative rate with another language. Thus, it is believed one of the most difficult languages to learn.

One small interesting fact: Vietnam has about 54 ethic groups. Most of them live on mountains or highlands. The dominant ethic in population is Kinh (sounds like “King” in English).

Family name

Although 40% of Vietnam’s population carries Nguyen in their surname, most of them are not relatives. There are less common surname such as Tran and Le.


Vietnam has the most painful and brave history in the world. It has been standing through many invasions of the most powerful countries over each period of time. Now Vietnam is developing with the second fastest rate (only after China) in economic growth.


Buddha has been Vietnam’s national religion, which was claimed by King Ly Thai To. Buddha had dominated until Catholic was brought in by French monks in the 17th C. Now Catholic and Buddha share about 98% of the population. There are also Christian, Islam and Hinduism.

The Ao Dai

This is the traditional costume of Vietnamese women. It is a colorful split dress with silk pants. And incredibly, Ao Dai still meet the need of today’s style. It is handmade by tailors, because there is no way else to produce it commercially. Then it usually costs around $80 in Vietnam. Now, many banks and schools across the country require women/girls wear Ao Dai as uniform.

Crazy foods

Here in Vietnam, people eat some incredible foods that you may never think of before. Such as hot vit lon (a baby duck inside a soon-to-hatched egg). You should try this one when you come here. It blows your mind off!


The main vehicle here is the motorbike. There are over 35 million of motorbikes in Vietnam (2013). People drive crazily on the street, crossing the street is one of the most frightening experiences in your life.

The Nine Dragons river

The Mekong River flows across the southwestern region, it is split into nine smaller rivers before emptying into the sea. That’s where the name “Nine Dragons” came from. And that’s why I chose to pick only 9 unique facts. The Mekong delta is the biggest rice field in Vietnam, which contributes more than 60% of rice export to the country.

The Flappy Bird

If you are using smartphones, you may hear about this famous mobile game. It is a highly addicted game which attracted millions of people all around the world. Nguyen Ha Dong, its father, is living in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Though it was removed from the Apple Store and Google Playstore by Mr. Dong for his personal reasons.

Source: by Khang Vo

Fun facts about Vietnam